Covid and getting Better with a FULL house

Last Saturday, we all got hit with the COVID bug. Even the baby! It started out with my middle schooler bringing home a random cough in the middle of the week. We TOTALLY thought it was the crazy weather change that we always have going where we live causing her to be coughing. 2 days later I woke up with a small headache. I took some advil and went to work and about my day. After work, my husband mentioned his allergies felt a little strong and he was going to take an evening nap. 1 am comes around and he comes and wake me up to tell me he felt way sicker, took an at home rapid test and came out positive. Sure enough I get up, test as well and I come out positive too. The next morning we’ve got all of us in the household with covid symptoms . Just like that! As if someone had turned on a switch. Thankfully the next few days were mild. The hardest were the 3 first days when baby and I ran fevers through out the night and took turn putting blankets over and off of us. Let me tell you though what I think was the worst besides having headaches, a runny nose, and trying not to lose my shit. Staying at home with all 3 kids and a husband for 24 hours a day without leaving the house for those 8 days while we got better. If covid didn’t drive me crazy, my kids did. But all in all, we made it through COVID. We are all healthy now, feeling good and back to our regular routine. I must warn you though. Getting COVID and having to quarantine for those full days by yourself would sound like a vacation compared to getting it and having to also take care of a sick husband, and 3 kids who just want to go visit gramma.

No need to wait 15 minutes. Our results came in FAST and STRONG.
Not all moments were crazy. Kids spent alot of time together and they were pretty darn cute too.

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