Traveling after the Pandemic and with 3 kids

Traveling during non pandemic is already a stressful thought alone for some people, but try thinking of traveling after a pandemic and 3 kids on top of that. Now that it’s been 2 years since the pandemic first knocked us off our feet and things are going back to normal, families are starting to get back to traveling. Our family included. This specific trip we took was a quick one week trip to visit family. My sister joined us on this trip and she was our saving grace as she was hands on deck at all time helping us entertain or carry the little ones while we waited. The first thing you have to come to terms with when flying with kids is that long gone are the traveling days where you can look glamorous and put together with kids. You can become a shit show at any second and its really all up to your kids if you do or not. You have to realize that you will have spit up, your hair will have to be in a bun and your arm pits will be sweaty. Other than baby crying 30 minutes in to the car ride to the airport and Fatima ( my 5 year old) crying as well because she missed home our drive was great . The airport wait was tolerable too even thought baby threw up 3 times all over us and we had started to run out of clean baby clothes ( rookie mistake that shouldn’t have been made by me).. Thank God the flight was in the early hours of the morning because everyone slept throughout the flight.

Yay for family so they can hold baby and you can take that awesome picture for your feed

Our trip was so Awesome. We got to see family again after 2 years and they got to meet our newest baby Damian II. This trip made us realize that we need to keep traveling wether it be to visit family or visit new places and to be honest the sweat, the nerves and the embarrassment you can go through at airport or on a plane because of a crying baby, or a 5 year old throwing a tantrum is totally worth it. You will live through it and you will never see those people again. Even if you do see them again, chances are they have little ones too or had little ones and can relate to the adrenaline we go through as parents trying to make sure they behave. Truth be told, I would fly again in a heartbeat with kids even with throw up on my sweater lol and I encourage you to do the same as well.

Happy Easter from all of us!

Best way to cool down in the 95 degree weather
Damian II
Had a few seconds to spare in between calming a baby down, a tired 5 year old and begging a teenager to take a picture before boarding.

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