First Family pictures as a family of 5

Hi! Hope you’re having a great Monday night so far! I am sitting here on my bed catching up on some much needed reality shows. It’s been two crazy weeks and I’ve had no time to wind down until now.  Two weekends ago we took some family pictures with Damian II. Can’t believe we are now outnumbered by our kids?! I wish I would have taken them when he was smaller so it would have been more of a newborn shoot but this was even better at the end. You can totally see his different personalities in each differentpicture. We took them at a local park by our house called Monarch Butterly Grove. Thousands of monarch butterflies fly in around October throughout February. It’s really beautiful. Scheduling a good time, making sure we got everyone out the door clean, dressed and happy for them was a whole day’s worth of work and mental preparation. There was fighting, complaining, and screaming before we walked out the door and I almost threw the towel in and canceled but I didn’t. To think 5, 15, 20 or more years from now I get to look back and see my babies at this age makes me so happy. I know right now they don’t appreciate dressing up in clothes they hate, and spending so much time smiling for a camera but I guarantee you when they are all grown up, and they have kids of their own they will understand how much it means to me. So, if you need a reminder to schedule those family pictures, this is it. Gather your kids up, and make those memories together. Do it. It’s worth it. It’s ALL worth it because tomorrow is never promised and one day I won’t be here to tell them how much of a loving family we were.

We made it happen! Even after the mess we were an hour before ❤️
My oldest, Julieta ❤️
Julieta and Fatima ❤️
Damian II
Family ❤️

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