Our FUN Las Vegas Trip and my CREEPY experience in the Desert

Hi, Happy Tuesday. I want to give you a small recap of the craziness that has been the past few days. It feels like I am barely getting a chance to sit down and breathe. This past weekend we packed our bags and headed out on a road trip to Las Vegas. I love everything Las Vegas and don’t mind the drive there. I like listening to music while I look out the car and I like the places we stop and people watching when we do. We had planned to leave at noon on Friday and ended up leaving around 3 pm making only a couple of stops that we always make on way there.

My, ” I am checking out of motherhood for the weekend look”

One of the stops that we made on way is a Gas station/ big corner store Called Blackwell’s Corner. It is located at the intersection of highways 33 and 46 and is a busy spot for workers and people traveling through town.  It is said to be the last place Hollywood actor James Dean stopped at to buy snacks back in 1955 before he crashed his Porsche a little further away .He was driving to meet friends in Paso Robles before heading out to Salinas for a car race but never made it.  They have a HUGE cut out poster of him outside visible from far away and even have a road nearby named after him. Inside the store, you can find a whole wall covered in pictures and memorabilia of him. Inside you will also find a 50’s Diner style restaurant. One half of the store has local homemade nuts, fudge, jellies, salsas and chocolate while the other half is the gas station part. Definitely worth checking out and walking around if you drive by especially because there really is nothing else to stop for around town.

James Dean Wall. They even have a pair of glasses believed to be his from that day on display

The second place we stopped at later that night was to get gas in this town called Baker Ca. There you can find the World’s largest thermometer right on the same parking lot as a gas station and a shutdown hotel and restaurant called Bun BOY Motel. It is 134 ft high and tells the daily temperature. It didn’t really have to show us that it was 110 degrees. I could already feel that it was that hot. We couldn’t even breathe. We took pictures of it before heading back on the road. That was a pretty cool place to stop at and busy as well with lots of people getting off to use the restroom and look around.

Completed in 1992 and cost over 700,000.00 to build

We Finally made it to Las Vegas!

Doing touristy stuff out there ❤️

We finally made it to Las Vegas. Later than planned, but we made it. We got ready and headed out all night. Our trip was QUICK but so much FUN. We did things we normally don’t do when we visit. We went off the strip and checked out the Vegas sign for the first time, ate at a great Mexican place called Lindo Michoacan (around 30 minutes from the strip) where they have some of the best Margaritas I have ever had in my life. We did so much shopping, walking around, gambling, and drinking as well. We were only there for 1 full day after you take in all the driving we did. 1 full day of just relaxing, lounging and enjoying the 106 degree Vegas weather. Living the good life.

Mango Margarita 🍹
Caesar would be mad if he knew he could charge for this in 2022
My favorite part of this hotel – Caesars Palace

The Story you are probably here for

Alien Jerky Store

OK, so this is the story you probably really want to hear about. I posted it on my Instagram the other day but took it down because I wanted to explain what actually happened without frightening anyone off. First off, I want to say that I WAS a little spooked when I first realized what I saw it but now it is just weird- Not scary. Coming back from Las Vegas we stopped once again in Baker town (where we visited the thermometer earlier up in my story). Located in Baker town is a small tourist shop that we have stopped at before called Alien Fresh Jerky which is so fun. They have so many types of beef jerky, they have soda drinks of random flavors, and they have a HUGE selection of different controversial labeled salsa bottles to choose from. They also have a lot of random aliens that you can take pictures of. It is a very touristy and most of the people who stop by do so for the snacks and last minute souvenirs.

Refreshing drink

Ok, so about 3 minutes from leaving the Alien Jerky store parking lot we drive by a large abandoned hotel and Damian looks over at me and tells me that would make a cool picture and if I want to pull over and he would take one of me. The motel is such Bates Motel vibe (I am a big fan of Bates Motel) so I say yes. I do love any opportunity to take a good picture. We pull over to the side of the road around 11 am for a few snaps. Damian takes a couple of me super far away and then tells me to step further back so he can get the whole motel in the picture. We are there for about 2 minutes or less, then leave. Nothing freaky, nothing weird, no bad vibes, NOTHING scary at all.

About 15 minutes away I start to go back on the pictures and they are so far away you can’t really see my face. I look over the ones where he had asked me to step back so he could get the whole landscape. I zoom in and I see that my face has a shadow over it and I am FREAKED out. It’s a scary shadow. I automatically tell everyone else and they tell me it looks weird but it probably is just the lightening or shadows. After really looking at the picture, I am convinced there was no shadow, it was 110 degrees with no wind. Nothing that I can think of that would make for my face to look like that. I will leave here the picture of me from far away and the zoomed in picture that I definitely believe is weird. Since I was not driving I had time to look up the Motel on my phone and look up anything I could find on it. It is called Arne’s Hawaiian Motel. It was opened since back in 1957 and closed down during the recession in 2009. It was abandoned like many places in this town of Baker. It mostly served as a place for the workers building the Hoover Dam to stay at and in later years for people to catch some rest traveling through to Vegas or back. The reviews are all awful and justify its closing down. It looks like no one cared for it or even tried to make it successful at the end. The scariest review I found was this from a YELP reviewer, “It looked very Bates Motel and the small window in the bathroom had no glass or even curtains, it was just an open hole to the outside”. Not very scary. Mostly all reviews about mold, cockroaches and bad service.

First pictures taken
Bad picture taken from far away
My face still not all zoomed in
Creepy right?.!
Regular looking ones before I stepped back for a full shot of whole motel

You tube has some videos of bloggers who have gone inside looking for paranormal things after hearing it is haunted but they find nothing but trash and everything it has inside just laying out, rotting. People have gone inside to take pictures and check out the awful Hawaiian design as well.  I have never experienced or seen anything out of this world ( Nor do I go or have gone looking for it, I am the world’s biggest chicken) but this was creepy and you can bet I will be flying to Las Vegas next time- and I won’t be taking pictures in random towns. I won’t be staying anywhere “vintage”, “historical” or “out dated old fashion” NO WAY.  Tell me what you think of this in comments below. Photo Malfunction or CREEPY? 

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