I got my first Hydra Facial at 31 years old- AND now I am obsessed

Hi!  It’s been a while. A lot has been going the last couple of weeks and it’s finally that time to settle back down along with summer coming to an end. I have a couple other posts that I will post soon as to what I have been up to but today I wanted to share something I have been actually late in the game to. I got my first hydra facial!  I have always heard Hydra facials are the secret to beautiful skin in your 30’s and have anxiously been dying to get one. I am all about wanting my skin to feel and look great but don’t always treat my skin as it deserves. I actually had been eating really badly the past 3 weeks and my skin was breaking out mostly on my chin from it.  I had my HydraFacial done at Aesthera Medspa in Pismo beach. This is the same place where we gifted my mom one for her birthday back in February. I chose this location for her back in February after researching different locations in and out of town. I went with her back when she had hers done and I just couldn’t wait for mine.  This location has outstanding reviews, offers a wide variety of services and you can’t beat the location. It is clean inside, smells so good, and you literally feel like you’re emerged in a luxurious day spa throughout the whole process.  

Several different types of skin care products for all your needs ❤️

What is a hydra facial?

Besides that you walk out GLOWING with no makeup on it is a safe noninvasive cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and a deep hydration moisturizing procedure. P.S Jennifer Aniston, J.LO, Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities get Hydra facials right before red carpets as it helps with skin texture, tone improvement and plumps and hydrates your skin to give you that PERFECT complexion. It deep cleans pores and also helps fight aging as it reduces the look of fines lines and wrinkles. I was really interested in getting this done because I get black heads like crazy and it can be hard for me to clean out my pores real good. And who doesn’t want to look younger and have clearer, cleaner skin?  

The machine that makes the magic happen ❤️

What were the steps during my procedure?

The whole procedure took about a little over an hour. I took my heels off and relaxed on the treatment bed. I loved that my esthetician ( Her name is Jenae Merti and she did my mom’s facial too and she is WONDERFUL)  walked me through all the steps so that I knew what benefit I was getting from each one or how it would feel on my skin. She answered all my questions and gave me the best tips to continuing my skin care journey.  Next, I am going to just share snips of the steps involved in a hydra facial from Aesthera’s website because I enjoyed my facial so much I don’t want you to miss a step of what is involved. But just know, none of the steps are painful and you never feel like your face is on fire.  

Beautiful Rooms ❤️

First phase -HydraFacial cleansing and exfoliation ❤️

In the first phase, our Aesthera skincare expert will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin to remove all dirt, debris, and excess oil.  

Second phase -HydraFacial extraction ❤️

During your extraction treatment, our skincare expert applies a vacuum-like device to suction away anything clogging your pores rather than the traditional, manual extraction method. This gentle approach is perfect for sensitive skin that may become reddened or irritated by the more aggressive extraction methods. 

Third Phase-HydraFacial hydration ❤️

In the final phase of your HydraFacial treatment, our skincare expert will then infuse your skin with a customized serum or hydrating treatment.

Picture of my bare face with no makeup or moisturizer or chapstick right before my facial ❤️  you can see some dark spots over my lips and under my nose.

On the final step of the Hydra facial, your face is also put under a LED light and you are given a hand and arm massage while listening to relaxing music in the background. By this point, you feel like you have a new fresh face and you can literally feel how moisturized it is. You actually feel like you are floating from how relaxed you feel. Trust me, I did not want come back to work after this. I wanted to show the world my face LOL. Right before you get up, Jenae will put a soft moisturizing lip balm on your lips so that they are equally as soft as finishing the serum she has put on your face.  

Once you are done with your facial you can ask to see what has come out of your face. All the dots and specks is all that what extracted from my face. Blackheads and dirt ❤️
This is me with no filters or makeup. Look at how smooth my skin is. I was able to go back to work with no makeup on and I got so many compliments on my face ❤️
No filters or makeup at all-You can see my self tanner on the chest down but that’s just how great my face and neck were treated ❤️

Aesthera MEDSPA offers 3 different kinds of hydra facials, each with its own additional added benefits. I only did the Signature which came in at $200.00 but I fell in love and I am planning to do this twice a year going forward. I recommend everyone to have a hydra facial at least once because we as Females who Kick ass at everything we do deserve to treat ourselves and have beautiful, youthful skin. I also highly recommend this for soon to be brides. You won’t be disappointed at all- in fact you’ll be surprised that you won’t ever want to put makeup on at all because your face looks that good!  I highly encourage you to book your first or next hydrafacial at Aesthera Aesthetics with Jenae. She is your girl ❤️

My face felt so light after all the dirt and blackheads were removed. I was GLOWING .

3 responses to “I got my first Hydra Facial at 31 years old- AND now I am obsessed”

  1. Ceci you did an Amazing Awesome Job I’m definitely getting my facial. Can you text me the number so I can schedule an appointment!!! How long did it take?


    1. Hi Maria. I just texted you the info. It took about an hour! You will love it ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! I need one hay pa hombres?


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