I am scared of water- So i signed up my kids for swim lessons

Here is how our first lesson went

HI! I feel like my posts should all start with – Im 31 and I haven’t or I am 31 and I am barely doing this – LOL. So Last week while chit chatting at work, I found my coworkers schocked when they found out I did not know how to swim. They called it a “like skill” I absolutely needed to know especially because of the area we live in. Even though I do love to hang out in a pool and lounge on a floatie with a drink in my hand; I am not sure i would make it out alive if I was to find myself on the deep end. This got me thinking. A few years ago, I my sister and I fell off a kayak at Lopez Lake and I freaked out and almost drowned but Damian and my brother Carlos jumped in and helped me. Someone was there to help me that day but who is going to help my kids if they are ever in a situation like that and if I don’t know how to?

Damian admitting he liked swimming after all!

That being said, I commited to me and the kids learning how to swim! I decided to start with my 3 kids. I got an instructors information from my coworker and I immediately reached out. I heard nothing but good things about her and she has probably been working teaching littles for almost 20 years. Her schedule is crazy full (She’s that in demand) so I have my older two girls on a evening cancelation list since they are at school pretty much until 4 but I was abe to get Damian II in during the mornings. Today was our first day and I was so excited all morning!

First class done 🥰 it’s naptime. Let’s go!

We took a trip to our local Walmart first for some Pampers Splashers ( Thanks for the recomendations everyone) and then headed out to our first mommy and me swim class. I had to wake up Damian from his nap and I was scared maybe I shouldn’t have signed up for a class around nap time but to my suprise he didn’t wake up moody. We got in the heated pool and yes, he was scared at times throughout the class but I could tell he was getting more comfortable towards the end. We sang, had the babies practice different exercises like floating, splashing and making bubbles. It was Awesome. When I changed him back in to his shirt and shorts, I could tell he had a great time. I myself loved that it was a small class and only had 4 other Moms with babies and that it was outdoors. I enjoyed the sun on my back and to be honest the instructor was everything i had wished for. She was kind, helpful, patient, and you can tell she truly loves what she does. Also, her backyard area is beautiful and she has the cutest outdoor changing room! 

Heated pool ♥️ and also Llama floaties

I’m so happy that I have my foot in the door to getting us all at least learning the basics of swimming. I grew up scared of water and the Ocean and it only grew more when I had kids.I don’t want my kids to have that same fear I have because I never gave them the chance to learn.  I also definitely want them to have the confidence to know they are able to swim for whenever they need it in life.  ♥️

He did soooo GOOD!

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