We went away for the weekend kid free- Why you should do it and 3 tips for doing it guilt free

Proof opposites attract❤️

A month ago, we went on a small weekend getaway without our kids and we had so much fun! We went to see my favorite performer of all time. Daddy Yankee ❤️❤️ It had been a while that we had the opportunity to do an overnight trip just Damian and I so it was very much needed. No kids crying, no kids fighting and no eating while having a baby on my lap. Just us staying up late, checking out random places that we wouldn’t normally go to and exploring a new city. I highly recommend you plan a little trip with your spouse at least once or twice a year! I wanted to share 3 big tips that help us plan this kind of getaways and why we try to do prioritize it in our marriage. 

Have everything ready for you and the kids a few days before: 

I cannot stress this enough because this is what will keep me sane the week leading up to our trip. Have your outfits ready, your home cleaned (if you are like me and like to leave a clean home before a vacation), and your babies bags packed. I try to have my bags ready to just toss in my toiletries the day of and anything else I will need to wash and throw in before we leave. I also like to have all my kids’ pajamas, outfits, and outfit changes ready as well. This is my game changer. It prevents me from wasting time the day before and then I can focus on spending time with them instead.   

Leave knowing your kids will be 1000000 percent more than ok:

We are very blessed that we have help from both my parents and in laws when it comes to taking care of them. They are the best and we honestly wouldn’t be able to go out for date nights or those weekend trips without them. My only tip on this is that our parents really do know best. TRUST them FULLY. They took care of us growing up and let’s face it, they will most likely take better care of their grandbabies than they did of us. Don’t stress on schedules, clean outfits or naptimes too much. Let them enjoy that quality time with family and be spoiled by them. 

Extra Cuddles before our trip:

We make sure we spend as much time before we leave with our little ones. Sometimes we do an extra park outing during the week, go out for ice cream, or even grab dinner at their favorite place. We always prepare them by being honest and telling them we will be going away for a few days. Your under 2 babies won’t understand and you will probably be sadder than they will be but they will definitely notice when you return ❤️ Something we always do is bring them back something from our trip. They love us coming home with a souvenir or a little something we pick up for them on way back. 

Why I love to plan things like this: I love to date my husband


That is the biggest reason right there ❤️ Life is busy and it goes FAST. We spend the majority of our weekdays in a routine mode. We get our kids ready for school, go off to work, and come home to make dinner, help kids with homework, maybe some park time and then its bath time and bed before we know it. We are more than tired at the end of the day. Planning weekend trip for just us two allows us to come back as better parents and better husband and wife. You get to reconnect again, remember older memories and create new ones. It really is a time of finding ourselves again and falling even more in love.  This time alone benefits our kids as well because they need their parents to be the best versions of themselves for them. Hopefully this encourages you to plan that trip you’ve been putting aside for a while and helps you be more at ease with the idea of leaving your littles for a day or two! ❤️

Recap of Our weekend:

We stayed at the hotel historical Hotel De Anza located about 6 minutes away from the Sap center in San Jose. My friend recommended it and im so glad we chose to stay there. It’s beautiful ❤️
As soon as you step inside you feel like you’re stepping back in time in it’s jazz Era. Hotel de Anza first opened it’s door back in 1931 and it’s welcomd presidents, first ladies, famous musicians and movie starts. I looove places like this. Add in a few ghosts stories or two and I’m booking it.
Tried Boiling Crab for the first time ever and it was delicious! Never thought I would enjoy getting messy during a meal.
Found a guy selling micheladas and palomas outside the venue. Poured the tequila right out of a tin water bottle! 🤣
Daddy Yankee put on the best show ever! He had everyone dancing the whole time. Always the Big Boss.
Daddy Yankee really is the best performer of all time. Happy birthday to me ❤️

Made it out for a quick morning walk before checking out ❤️

-Csy ❤️

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