The best 48 hour trip in New York City

Hi! Been so long! Life has been so BUSY. The flu has hit us hard this season along with other events going on in our fast moving lives. Still can’t end the year without taking you along on one of the most magical highlights of my year.

 I visited America’s City- New York with my oldest daughter for her 13th birthday.. Let me tell you all about it- I still feel like I am dreaming! Even after over two months after our trip, I can’t believe we did every single thing we had on our list. New York is a DREAM come true for me even at my second visit.

First and Foremost – A HUGE shoutout- To my high school besties Maribel, Sofia and Miguel. This trip wouldn’t have been as EPIC as it was if it hadn’t been for their hospitality, their knowledge of the city and the time they took out of their day to show us around like true locals! For that, I am forever grateful. We really did use every second of our trip. I wanted my daughter to fall in love with this city as much as I love it and she definitely did. To me New York is one of the most spectacular, breathtaking cities in the world.  I love the architecture, the lifestyle, the fashion, the food, the people, even the city smells. This city truly does have my heart and I definitely want to continue exploring it.  Keep scrolling to see a quick recap of everything we did in the short weekend we spent in the most beautiful city in the world!

So while I have not been to all the trips on my travel wish list, I have had my good share of flight experiences and can give you a couple of tips for a great flight. I booked our roundtrip flights to New York with JetBlue airlines. I have flown with JetBlue 2 other times and I really do like them. The price is great, the seats are comfortable, they offer free WIFI (You can purchase better internet but I don’t think you need too. Included are also free beverages and snacks and they have televisions in front of every seat. We didn’t have a checked bag since our trip was going to be short but we did each have a carry one bag and a regular purse/ backpack where we kept our trip essentials. Some of those items were our passports. You don’t need a passport because it is not an international trip- a regular license or id is fine- but I have not updated my license with my married name and Julieta needed proof of her identity so she took hers. We always make sure to take hand sanitizer, make up wipes, toothbrush and mouthwash for after flight, moisturizer for dry face and hands,  and earphones. I used to dress really nice anytime we’ve flown in the past but now I dress for comfort over everything. A good oversized sweater, leggings and tennis shoes are my go to.  I think having kids made me more laid back in that sense. I also encourage red eye flights (It is always what we fly even with kids) for the reason that you are flying over night and you can rest and get some sleep. Buy water before boarding because you want to have it on hand in case the air flight attendants aren’t making their rounds a the time you get feel the urge to cough or are really thirsty. Another tip that I recommend is to choose seats closest to the front of the plane. The price is sometimes a little higher to choose those seats but worth it to me because you are closest to the bathroom and one of the first ones to get off. I hate waiting to have to get off the plane!

Comfort alllll day

Arriving at JFK

We made it! So our flight was delayed leaving LAX airport yet, somehow we still made it on time to our scheduled destination. The waiting time was 50 minutes for a taxi which according to a couple behind us who lived in New York it was the longest she had seen it. It could have been that it was the last weekend before the kids went back to school she said, or that it was fashion week in New York, September 11 memorial weekend, or that the US open Tennis tournament was coming to an end that same weekend. After finally getting our turn for a taxi, and a 35 minute drive we made it to our destination!  

Here is an itinerary my friends planned for us. Isn’t it so cool?!

New York Day 1:

Ready to take on New York bright and early!

Enjoy your time walking around New York! Take in Everything!

Ready for our adventures! Also, we got to bring Santi along today ❤️
If you didn’t ride the subway did you even come to New York?.
Santi and I waiting to get on the ferry

Next, we took the Staten Island ferry to the statue of liberty. It is free to get on and the wait is not bad at all. In my opinion- you get a great view. I recommend the left side of the ferry. You will get the best pictures and closer up view as you are coming around.  I was hoping to also see Pete Davidson commuting- but no luck.

Miss Statue of 🗽

Afterwards, we walked to the Sea glass Aquatic Carousel located in New York’s Battery Park. This has been going viral on Tik Tok and I love to check out stuff like that. Entrance was only $5.50 and it so fun to ride it on. Also, basically no line at all. I was hoping for a minute that I had brought my little ones because they would have loved it!  Also, pictures come out great!  I think coming at night would be so cool too since the lights would probably look cooler at night time.

The fish Julieta chose to ride on!
Quick picture stop at the Oldest Park in New York on way to 9.11/Twin towers memorial
Passed by the Charging bull of aall street. We didn’t wait for a picture this year with the Bull but it’s a very popular picture spot. It’s located in the financial district of NY and rumor has it rub his balls it’s brings you – Luck and MONEY
This year we didn’t go inside the 9.11 Memorial but we spent time honoring all those who we lost.
Everyone’s story is unforgettable ❤️
Freedom Tower
A way to remember them forever-Names of the people we lost all around the pools on 9/11
We walked the Brookly bridge. I highly recommend you put this on your list when here. It’s a beautiful bridge and takes just about a little over 20 minutes to walk. It’s great for pictures and seeing over the city👍🏻-Its free as well!
This view though when fall is about to start 😍
My first Broadway show! What a dream to watch Harry Potter here.
Cool set up outside the show entrance!
Ended our first night in New York at times Square. I love Times Square! So much to see. Entertainment, booths, stores but my favorite part has to be the lights and huge screens.
My Broadway show outfit ❤️
My Julieta ❤️
The friends who inspire me to dress up 💃
That’s a wrap on day 1

Dia Dos-2nd Day

Started our 2nd day with some delicious bagels and sandwiches from New York City and Bagel Coffeehouse in Astoria
Look at all the cream cheeses they have!
Rainy day stroll through Central Park
Hard to take a picture of Julieta now but also look at all that green!
This part of Central Park has been used in many Hollywood movies!
Perfect rainy day weather
Next stop: MET Museum
Museum guides so we don’t miss anything we want to see ❤️
Ditched the guides because we had the best tour guides EVER (Maribel and Sofia)
Had lunch at Tacos Tacombi. Had some fish tacos and a Michelada with this beer I had never tasted before but it was soo good! 🍺
Tacos Tacombi- Only a couple locations in the US so far but they are designed to look like upscale carnicerias.
Couldn’t not have dessert after some yummy dinner. Delicious Gelato 😋
Anita Gelato ❤️
Couldn’t leave New York without visiting the Harry Potter Store. 3 full stories of a Harry Potter experience!
Until next time Santi❤️ I love you. Such a pleasure meeting the famous Santi
Caught our uber at 3:30 am to head to airport for home👍🏻

If you ever have the chance to travel with your teenage daughter, do it. I am begging you. Maybe plan a yearly trip. Maybe get away for two days.  Don’t even think twice about it. Time is a thief but know the memories will last forever. I am truly so blessed I was able to have this opportunity to take this trip with mine. I know she will have this trip and many more to come to look back on and tell her kids about. When I am not here anymore, I hope she can look back and remember what a great time we had together!


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