Entering Lent with the intention of being Present

Lent season is here once again and so is a time to really reflect on who we are in life and who we want to become. I love this time of the year. To Catholics who participate in the 40 days of giving something up it means doing so until Easter arrives. When Easter is here and we no longer continue giving it up, we acknowledge it as a time when our hearts rejoice, and we recognize that Jesus is the only thing we need to quench our thirst and hunger. A lot of Catholics see this time as a time to test their self- discipline and ability to “sacrifice” as Jesus sacrificed himself before later dying for us on the cross. Some popular things that are given up during this time are alcohol, coffee, smoking, eating out, and drinking soda. I think those are great things, but I want to come out of this season being a better version of myself for the rest of my life. The past year I have been really focused on living a minimalist life, buying less materialistic things and only high-quality long-lasting items, but most importantly, being present for my family and friends.

For lent, my commitment to myself for the next 40 days is giving up social media posting or checking social media of any kind from the moment I get off work at 5 until my kids are down for bed. I then am only giving myself an hour to be on it if I decide to want to. We have very busy days with all 3 of our kids being different ages and needing different attention from us and I have been guilty of being on my phone scrolling while they are needing something. I want to continue to find that balance that I strive for, and this is the perfect time to practice that. I am also taking Sundays fully off to completely enjoy my days with family and friends, with the exception of one Sunday in March where I will not be with my babies. I believe this short period of social media free time will improve the quality of my life and I am excited to see the changes to come.

Here goes to a great start to Lent and I will continue to update you throughout this next 40 days soon. I hope that you as well accomplish what you set for yourself this lent season. Let me know in the comments what you committed too.

Have a great Weekend and see you Monday on Instagram..


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