Life Lately……


Good morning ❤️ I am sitting here on this foggy Monday morning drinking my coffee, and thinking how it definitely feels like a Monday. As much as I want that summer weather to be here already, my coffee does taste better in this weather. Quick Baby update. We are currently still on baby watch awaiting our new family member. My sister in law got induced on Friday afternoon, but after a couple of days and a lot of unsuccessful attempts to help her labor progress, she was sent home yesterday. Baby just isn’t ready to make his appearance yet. Technically, his due date is not until this week but because he is a BIG baby (both my sister-in-law and brother are tall people), doctors wanted to have him born a bit sooner. We will just have to be patient a little longer.

Lately, I have been thinking how fast this year has gone by for me. I feel like I blinked, and now we are in June which is the start of our very BUSY season of the year. It’s crazy to think that this was my last slow weekend before the family birthdays and events start. I am looking at my calendar and starting this weekend until end of summer we have in total about 18 family events between birthdays, holiday get-togethers, and weekend events planned. That comes with being part of a big family. Everyone obviously has birthdays, and they are all during the summer months and something is always going on 🤣. My kids will be out of school soon for the summer, we are celebrating grampas’ birthday in Vegas ( He has NEVER been- It is going to be crazy 😋🙃🤣), soccer season, 2 half marathons, and a trip at end of year. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on and which I have done in the past. Currently, I am loving just living in the moment. Something that has helped me slow down and soak in my thoughts and really appreciate my days has been my 5 am wakeups. I am currently taking part of #Maylivebetter challenge and one of our goals is to wake up at 5 am for many different benefits. I have really been seeing a difference in waking up so early because I have learned to start my days peacefully, with intention and with gratitude rather than in that always rushing out the house last minute mindset. Another thing that I have also wanted to start doing again which was so amazing during lent season was my no phone in the evenings or on weekends rule. I might not dive fully in to not using it, but I want to at least start off with no social media Sundays. It was really nice to not have it out and just be fully there making memories with my family.

Life is good right now. It’s actually really good. With that being said, I always remember a quote someone once told me when I was going through a hard time once.  “Good news is nothing lasts forever, and the bad news is nothing lasts forever”. I know my kids won’t be little forever, my parents won’t be young forever, and life won’t always bring a good chapter to share. So I am embracing and holding on tightly to the part of life that I am currently in and soaking it all in. Even those days where I catch myself accidently cussing out loud, days where none of my kids listen to me, days where it seems I can’t catch a break. Those days are temporary and time definitely doesn’t stand still. I encourage you to do the same ❤️ tell those you love how much you do, hug your loved ones, check up on family and friends, and cherish what you have.  Be present and embrace whatever season in life you are in ❤️

-Have a good week friends ❤️


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