Why I started running- From a Person who loved the couch-and 6 things I noticed after.

Small Collage of my progress ❤️

Ask me, “How strong do you feel”? (After finishing a mid-week, six mile run).  I’ll answer, “Strong enough to birth a child”. That is how good running makes me feel. It makes me feel that I actually “have my life together” – which realistically, is almost never the case! When I think back to my teenage years, running used to be something, “I always dreaded”.  On “Mile Run” days, I would beg my parents to let me stay home from school and get mad when they somehow knew I was not sick. Though I HATED running back then, I never thought it would end up being a part of my lifestyle as it is today. 

About 3 years ago, when I first became interested in the sport, it was really about trying to lose weight. Eating clean, cutting out soft drinks, working out & ultimately learning how to “love the run, every single day”! All of this was for my upcoming wedding. The one thing I was not doing was, “enjoying the process”. I would mentally choose a starting point and an ending point and pray it would be over soon. Half hurting physically and half out of breath, it was awful.

When I started to taking it more seriously: Come 2020, the pandemic fully hit and my whole daily routine changed. I was now home 24.7 with all kids. I was working full time from home, helping my oldest do online school, keeping my little one busy, and I was not stepping outside to get any sun. I was choosing to sit on the couch and watch news about ALL the things COVID related. I was not sleeping well. I was suffering from insomnia and stress and it was taking a toll on me of night after night of losing sleep. I needed a form of exercise that would allow me to be in “Feel good, do good” kind of mood. 

Finally, a few months in to the pandemic I decided to up my running game. I wanted to really run and feel empowered by doing it. I looked up correct running forms and I didn’t let anything discourage me from not starting. I learned about breathing correctly, pacing myself, warming up (I had previously broken my ankle the year before), going long distances, timing my runs, knowing my limits, the value of a good pair of running shoes but most importantly- the importance of a GOOD playlist LOL.

I want to share some of the things I noticed after I started running religiously and CORRECTLY. I now average about 12 Miles per week which is not a lot at all but between juggling a full time job, my 3 kids and all the crazy in between I am thankful that I can fit it in my schedule.

Things I noticed when I started running 3-4 Times a week:

• I had more energy

• I lost weight

• I got faster and better at running

• I made better choices in what I put in my body

• My legs got stronger and I seemed to feel taller ( ok, maybe that is just my imagination) 

• My hair GREW after years of my hair not growing at all (I knew it had to be connected somehow but wasn’t sure how. Turns out running increases blood flow and circulation throughout the body therefore more nutrients and oxygen reach the scalp. Isn’t this CRAZY?! )  

One of my favorite long distance running trails

My decision to start running consecutive days was my life changer. I have always been a very happy person in general but this was a whole different level. LOL. My happiness did not just show physically but in every single other aspect of my life. I was a happier mom. I had the energy to run around with them after a run. I became a happier wife. A happier employee. I literally have felt better and happier than I ever felt in my 20’s. I am THRIVING in my 30’s.  Running gave me the confidence and motivation to continue wearing all the different hats us moms wear. So if you’ve ever wanted to put on some running shoes and start? This is your sign to do it. You won’t regret it. 

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    Frances Gonzalez

    This Is so inspirational Ceci!

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