My hair is growing and thriving after not growing for almost 10 years

Hi! Let’s talk about my hair journey today! EXCITING STUFF- I know. I wanted to write a blog post since I had a lot of feedback when I posted some progress pictures this week on Instagram stories. A lot of you guys were surprised at how much better it looks now compared to the past several years- I’ll take that as a compliment LOL.  So if you are in the same boat I was, or just want to know how I grew it as much within a little over a year. Keep scrolling to see what changes I made and what I started doing that helped it look better and grow healthier-keep going all the way to the bottom to see what my hair looked like before 🥰

Current picture of my hair. This is hair goals coming true for me ❤
3 years ago. My hair extensions obsession was REAL. I wanted the long, wavy hair.
Me on my 21st birthday ❤ This is the last picture I have where my hair was long, healthy and it reminded me of me. This was the last year it was this length and this pretty.

Some things that I started doing this past year that helped my hair length grow even more:

1. Started getting my hair trimmed often- I used to never get regular trims because I didn’t want my hair to look even shorter.

2. I  found a hair stylist that I truly trust- and I have been to a lot of places throughout the years. Joyce – Instagram handle- Joycejudithhair has been taking care of my hair for about 3 years and honestly it has never looked better or healthier. 

3. Started drinking more water- its sooo cool how water is good for you in so many ways! I definitely noticed that it helped my skin, nails, my hair and my overall mood every day. 

4. Stopped washing and straightening my hair every single day. I will wash it 2 times a week and that is only because I run and sweat or I would probably once do it once a week.   

5. Started being more conscious of what I was putting into my body. I stopped eating so much processed fast food and cut back on my soda and sugar filled drinks.  I haven’t cut back on alcohol because I don’t drink often but when we go to dinner or make drinks at home so I don’t feel the need to limit my alcohol intake.

6. Started MOVING my body.  Running, walking, and APPRECIATING my health- Mostly when I started running multiple times a week is when I really noticed my hair growing.

7. Started using MONAT Rejuvenique hair oil about a year ago I use it once a week on the end of my hair and a few drops in my scalp and massage it in for about two minutes and then put it in a bun for an hour before wash day. I don’t sell it but I definitely think it has helped with my hair growth.

So good for postpartum regrowth

Here are some pictures I gathered from the last years so you can see how unhealthy my hair was and how it is now:

2016. Thought my hair was cute ❤️
My hair style was the “Rachel look” -always the same length
2016 Still short and dry
2017 – My hair was rough sometimes people would say it looked like an old dolls hair 🤣

I think my hair has become a reflection of how I’m LIVING my life now at this stage of my life and it can only get better from here ❤

What has helped you mantain your hair long and healthy?.

3 responses to “My hair is growing and thriving after not growing for almost 10 years”

  1. Omg love it. I’m starting my hair journey! You can see how much healthier and fuller it is!! Maybe I’ll try the hair oil!


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